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Pharmacy Vending Machine

XY 24hrs self-service Pharmacy Vending Machine is Security, Productivity, and Support. Consumers have changed their buying behaviors and are used to making purchases at any time of day or night. If you are sick at night but the shops are closed, then the pharmacy machine will show the warmth for you. 

Medical Vending Machine For Sale

XY Pharmacy Vending Machine
XY 24hrs self-service intelligent multi-media Pharmacy vending machine with 10.1,21.5,32 and 49 inches touch screen for your opation. According to the size of goods, 300-800 pcs goods can be placed.
XY Mask Vending Machine
The mask vending machine will have a built-in card reader so that the customer just has to select the mask they want and use a contactless payment method such as their debit card.
XY Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine
XY Sanitizer vending machine is the new trend all over the world. The application in a public place for people to get the disinfectant easier and fast.

Pharmacy Vending Machine Feature

  • 21.5, 49 inch media touch screen for choose the goods more clear.                                    

  • Large capacity:350-1000pcs goods for 24hrs self-service.                          

  • Flexible & adjustable spring and belt tray are available.                                                

  • Adjustable temperature 4-25°C.                     

Pharmacy Vending Machine FAQs

  • With cooling system or not?

    A :


  • What paymet way support?

    A :

    With various paymentway for you choose, Wechat Pay, Alipay, notes, coins,credit card, face-recognition etc.                                 

  • What's your shipping method? Can we ship it via UPS or by air?

    A :

    Usually we ship by sea as it's the most cost-effective way.

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