Hunan Xingyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hunan Xingyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.

As a custom vending machine manufacturer and distributor, we provide XY vending machines, intelligent system solutions and services, smart hardware maintenance, smart target marketing cash & cashless payment option, customer services.

We are a professional vending manufacturer and solution provider. Our machines are easy to use to meet various needs in different countries. The machine support cash, coin, cashless, QR code, etc.

  • Fresh Food Vending Machine Solution
    Fresh Food Vending Machine Solution
    XY fresh food vending machines for unattended retailer for fresh goods with 24 hours self-service. With the reliable refrigeration cooling system to keep the goods fresh. The lift system to confirm th...
  • Hot Food Vending Machine Solution
    Hot Food Vending Machine Solution
    In the intelligence era, intelligent devices provide more convenience for People's Daily life. New retail is on the rise, and vending machine solutions are the core hub to solve online consumption...
  • Drink Vending Machine Solution
    Drink Vending Machine Solution
    XY drink vending machine with cooling system for cold drink select and the slot is flexible to match with different height and width of goods. According to the size of drink, 60 different types,300-80...
  • Snack Vending Machine Solution
    Snack Vending Machine Solution
    XY snack vending macine is available to sell all kinds of sancks such as cookies, chocolate, potato chips etc,and the payment way is multiple-choice such as Wechat Pay, Alipay, notes, coins,credit car...

Our intelligent and efficient machines and solutions are widely used in schools, offices, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and hospitals, etc.

XY vending is specialized in vending machine manufacturing for a snack, drink, pharmaceutical products, hot dishes, and ice cream and has CE and ISO:9001 Certification. The vending machine manufacturer has a leading position in the market, exporting its machines worldwide to more than 80 countries. Our main markets are Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America, etc.

We are a high tech company listed on the stock exchange and focus on R&D as well as sophisticated manufacturing technologies. We have achieved a large number of invention patents, design patents and utility model patents, continuing to create value for our customers.