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Different Kinds of Vending Machines Options

There are many custom made vending machine options that can provide convenience and profit to all sorts of businesses. You can sell different brands to meet consumer's love, such as healthy snacks, drinks, food, salad, mask, cosmetics, frozen food, pizza, fruits, vegetables, toys, phone accessories, etc. XY can offer all kinds of vending machines, range from affordable vending machines to high-end vending machines, and can even custom vending machines as your needs. Bulk buying is welcomed, check now and get the cost!
Frozen Vending Machine
XY smart frozen Vending Machines provides extremely reliable and valuable vending machines that are perfect for your workspace and the vending business.
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Healthy Food Vending Machine
If you already own a brick-and-mortar high street business selling fresh meals, this is a perfect way to expand the reach of your business without opening another store.
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Hot Food Vending Machine
XY hot food vending machine convenient for both boss and customer to save time, cost and application in working building, hospital, station, airport etc.
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Pharmacy Vending Machine
XY 24hrs self-service Pharmacy Vending Machine is Security, Productivity, and Support.
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Elevator Vending Machine
XY Elevator Vending Machine with belt tray and elevator system to keep the goods safe, it's vailable to sell eggs, fruits, vegetables, hot food, soups, glass packaged goods.
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Lash Vending Machine
XY Cosmetic Vending Machine with such a big following has launched the beauty items all around the world.
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  • Advantages of XY Custom Made Vending Machine

    Advantages of XY Custom Made Vending Machine

    XY VENDING, one of the biggest custom vending machine manufacturers in China, has different types of vending machines, has plants with more than 150,000 square meters, has own R&D department and testing lab for research. The intelligent automatic workshop, machining line: material preparation, bending, welding, painting and inspecting to keep high standard for our customer.

  • Why Getting a XY Vending Machine

    Why Getting a XY Vending Machine

    As the development of vending machine area, among different kinds of vending machines, the AI+SMART vending machine open a new mode of scent market, they are fully up grated to create new stores online and offline two-way guidance.                                                 

    The frozen vending machine is ideal for ice cream, dumplings, markets, seafood, meat, etc. It's also applied in supermarkets, schools, gyms, office buildings, etc. 

    Through our hot drinks, snack, fresh food, hot food custom-made vending machine, sales history, and experience means we can provide all types of vending machines, as well as a quality service that's tailored to suit your requirements. We endeavor to make vending work for your business.

  • Fully Automatic Merchandise Vending Machine Solutions

    To improve and reinforce the services of AI Smart vending machines, and to reduce the custom vending machines cost, XY Vending, mainly merchandising vending machines, has provided an intelligent solution to facilitate their functions. The Smart Vending solution offers excellent shopping experiences to customers all over the world for getting a vending machine and has completely changed our typical view towards vending machines of the past.

    Along with the coming of the Internet of science and technology in our daily life,  the solution can be easily integrated with additional features such as Media advertising, various payment way, face or age recognition, etc. At the same time about the Cloud Platform, the vending solution can also provide other services, such as admin pricing management, sales data analytics, PC + Phone remote control system.

    Fully Automatic Merchandise Vending Machine Solutions

We are a high tech company listed on the stock exchange and focus on R&D as well as sophisticated manufacturing technologies. We have achieved a large number of invention patents, design patents and utility model patents, continuing to create value for our customers.