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Hot Food Vending Machine

If you're busy at work, and would like to quickly have hot food, XY hot food vending machines will help you to solve this problem. The hot food vending machine is convenient for both bosses and customers to save time, cost, and you can find hot food vending machines in working buildings, hospitals, stations, airports, etc. It's become smarter and smarter in our daily life to help all the people. 

Hot Food Vending Machines For Sale

XY Cup Noodle Vending Machine
When you want to eat cup noodles, you have to run to the supermarket or convenience store if there is not a shop, boil water after you bought even more.
XY Hot Meal Vending Machine
XY VENDING penetrating the vending industry with innovative, first to market, high-quality vending machines. We're devoted to be the leader in introducing innovative and quality Hot Meal vending machines for hot snacks and warm food, such as hot soup, hot sandwich, chips and fries.
XY Lunch Box Vending Machine
XY lunch box vending machine's competitive advantage is unmanned and fully automatic. This warm vending machine adopts cloud technology to control logistics and distribution, which increases sales and extends business hours.

Hot Food Vending Machine Feature

  • Support all kinds of international general standard peripheral.                                  

  • New EU&USA standards.                        

  • Short heated time just need 45s to 1minite.                          

  • More convient ways to pay. 

Hot Food Vending Machine FAQs

  • What is the life time of vending machine?

    A :

    Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.

  • How long to get the hot food?

    A :

    Around 45s to 120s.

  • Can I get parts supply from you?

    A :

    Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from us, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly,you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 3 days after receiving your payment, but it will takes longer time if the spare parts you wanted are not in stock

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