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What About the Development of Unmanned Intelligent Vending Machines?

As a kind of commercial automation equipment, intelligent self-service vending machines support a variety of payment methods, and regardless of time can directly buy goods, transactions are also very convenient, operating different kinds of vending machines can save labor and material costs. So, let's see the development of  a new form of retail business, intelligent vending machine.

1. Intelligent vending machines are different from traditional vending machines

In the traditional vending machine, it can only receive notes and coins, how many goods are missing, how many things are sold, can not meet the use of mobile phone scanning code, can not be connected to the Internet. This kind of traditional vending machine control is even more difficult to develop. For a system administrator can not manage many traditional vending machines at the same time, the administrator can only drive and pull the goods for some blind supplement, can not be qualitative and quantitative in advance to transport the correct goods. In addition to the above points, the traditional vending machine will continue to study the manual statistics of product sales data with low efficiency and high cost.

Different from the traditional payment methods of vending machines, intelligent self-service vending machines support wechat, Alipay etc., no longer only stay in cash payment, and can use mobile phone scan code for payment, but also can use bank cards, employee cards, student cards, bus cards and membership cards and other payment methods. Even if facial recognition pays, shopping through facial scanning, smarter vending machines that are easier to buy, could increase sales. Of course, the resources consumed by intelligent vending machine system, including intelligent analysis and saving of automatic resources, have great advantages over traditional vending machine, intelligent features are fully realized, widely praised by users.

2. The development prospect of unmanned intelligent vending machines

People can pay with their mobile phones and buy various products, such as snacks, drinks, cigarettes and so on, through smart self-service vending machines that analyze different types of data. All kinds of vending machines in the future market space layout, intelligent vending machines will occupy a place, can help enterprises and consumers to achieve a win-win situation.