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The Origin and Development of Vending Machines

In the 1st century AD, the device for selling holy water made in Greece was the earliest vending machine in the world. In 1925, the United States developed a vending machine for selling cigarettes. Since then, various modern vending machines selling stamps and tickets have appeared. The types, structures and functions of modern vending machines vary according to the goods sold, mainly including beverage vending machines, adult vending machines and healthy food vending machines.

Compared with convenience stores, vending machines have great differences in operating costs and operating thresholds. As long as there is about 3 square meters of space and power supply, vending machines can work easily in offices, shopping malls, stations and community gates. Low labor demand, low venue rent, 24-hour service, non-stop whole the year, good flexibility. It is hard not to be liked.

1. The function of program development for Intelligent vending machine

In recent years, kinds of vending machines have spread all over the streets. The 24-hour shopping experience brings a good shopping experience to residents in first- and second-tier cities. With the rise of the Internet of things and the application of mobile payment, vending machines begin to carry network communication and touch screen, go deep into office buildings, campuses, communities and other places where urban residents gather to meet the needs of consumers for shopping anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent vending machines are very convenient for consumers. It can not only provide hot and cold drinks, cooked food, daily necessities and other daily services at any time, but also support a variety of payment methods. For merchants, vending machines also have the advantages of saving store rents, equipment costs, labor costs, and convenient management. Based on these advantages of vending machines, online and offline brands such as the beverage industry, consumer goods stores, and restaurant chains were once attracted, and vending machines became O2O convenience stores. A major advantage of intelligent vending machines is that they can provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the stability of the computer system is extremely demanding. Diversified solutions such as embedded development and intelligent back-office systems place very high demands on manufacturers. Kinds vending machines designed by Hunan Xingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. have advanced software upgrade technology and intelligent management system in the industry. They collect and analyze the key data of the automatic vending machine in real time to maintain the smooth operation of the automatic vending machine.

2. The development of the replenishment function program of the intelligent vending machine

Replenishment is a key factor in determining the revenue of vending machines. This article analyzes consumers' consumption behaviors and provides references for further marketing activities. Smart interactive advertising display is also an indispensable factor. Advertising display screens can not only provide substantial advertising revenue for vending machine operators, but also carry out marketing activities with consumers to provide investors with diversified choices, freely matched products and stronger profitability. At present, all vending machines have been distributed in shopping malls and office buildings, providing consumers with good services and accumulating a good market reputation.