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XY Stationery Vending Machine

  • stationary vending machine

In educational institutions and offices, the stationary vending machine is of great importance. This system proposes a microcontroller-based vending machine that dispatches A4 sheets, pencil, pen, etc., once the RFID card is read. The users can select the required item after the card is scanned and collect the item in the output unit of the stationary vending machine. An embedded system-based vending machine is designed to achieve a low-cost, accurate, and portable machine that can sell stationery items automatically.

The Features of XY Stationery Vending Machine

  • Contactless vending machine for phone accessories.

  • Various payment way optional.

  • Support cash, credit card and mobile pay.

  • 21.5 inch touch screen for advertising display.

  • The  spiral, belt, hook tray is optional.

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