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XY Self-service Snacks Vending Machine

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  • self service drinks machine
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XY snack drink vending machine is a direct vending supplier and provider. The self vending machines can be used for snacks, drinks, chips, chocolate, noodle, candies, pizza, etc. 

For payment systems of this self service snack drink vending machine, we provide a variety of payment options that meet modern demands, including cash, coin, card reader, QR code, etc. 

The Specifications of XY Automatic Snack Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Size1920mm(H) X1180mm(W)X855mm(D)
ColorWhite, black(OEM)
Interior storage6 layers
Capacity200pcs(Bottle water)/ 360pcs(Beverage)
Power supply110V-220V/50-60Hz
Payment SystemBill, coin, Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Payment wayWechat QR Pay ,Ali QR Pay ,Membership card/IC card payment
Delivery methodsSpring, Belt, Hook(Option)
Warranty1 year
Packageplastic sheet for moisture proof with carton packing
Standard interfaceMDB/DEX/RS232

The Advantange of XY Self Service Vending Machine

  • XY vending is a self-service vending machine factory and provider, which has a patent of invention, design patents, and utility model patents

  • XY vending with CE ROHS ISO9001 Certification

  • OEM, ODM is accepted

  • The machine Support MDB/RS232/DEX, the most payment system can install with XY vending machine directly

  • XY self-service vending machines offer time-saving for customers. They reduce the overhead costs by not hiring the staff, increase the profit, accept cash/coin/card/QR code payment systems and offer healthier food

  • If you have space limitations, the self-service vending machine XY-DLE-6C or XY-DRE-6C can meet your request 

  • Easy to use, the English purchase screen

  • With drop sensor to prevent the people getting the goods or money back

  • Large full-view window with tempered glass(anti-explosion, anti-vandalism, and durable)

  • We have our own cloud system, customers can monitor the sales state, stock, etc. at any time

The Details of XY Self Service Vending Machine

  • Strong metal plate & support bar: Reduce the drinks jams

  • Large capacity: 6pcs drinks in line.

  • Good motor make sure the dispenser successfully

  • The tray is adjustable, you can adjust tray height for different products height

  • The slot supports a variety of products

  • You can replace the spiral size at any time

Refrigerator system:

The compressor import from Brazil, range temperature 4-25°C,when the weather turns hot, we can turn on the temperature controller to cooling the drinks beverage, etc.

The Features of XY Self Vending Machine

  • With 8 inches LCD graphic display.

  • Tiltable trays for easy product loading.

  • Sell a variety of canned, bottled, boxed, bagged beverages & Snacks.

  • Application: Bank, Supermarket, Airport, Train station, Hospital, School etc.

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