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XY-SLY-10C-I+3Microwave Vending Machine

  • microwave vending machine
  • microwave vending machine1
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  • microwave vending machine
  • microwave vending machine1
  • microwave vending machine2

XY-SLY-10C-I+3Microwave Food Vending Machine with 3 ovens heated device is available to sell what food needs to be heated, like soups, hot meals, pizza, chicken, beef, etc. It's powerful, useful and saves time. The microwave food vending machine is applied in hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.

The Specifications of XY-SLY-10C-I+3Microwave Vending Machine

ModelXY-SLY-10C+ 3 microwaves
ColorWhite and black
Screen21.5" touch screen
Cabinet Door TypeDouble door
Mechanical Specification Machine Weight350KG+150KG
Ship Weight550KG
Number Of Layers6 Layers, depend on product height
CapacityAbout 100-300 pcs, depend on product size
Product Channel TypeConveyor belt (spiral ,pusher are available)
Delivery MethodsWith elevator to protect the product
Payment SystemWith coinreader , banknote reader  and card reader slot ,optional
Standard InterfaceMDB 
Electronic SpecificationVoltage220V 50-60HZ
PowerMaster machine 625W.3 microwave machine  2700W
Cooler Temp Range4-12degrees, adjustable 
RefrigerationWith refrigeration system
Heating With 3 microwave for heating,  power controled by the master machine 

Heating time Set for what you want, depend on the product, adjustable
FeatureFeatureApplicable product: Microwavable braised pork rice and various lunch boxes. Adjustable trays for different sizes of products.
Appearance: 21.5 inches touch screen with Android system. Choose product by touch product photo on the screen.
The refrigeration system uses R134a refrigerant, which meets the requirements of green environmental protection. Adopt noise reduction system and spraying technology,  effectively reduce energy loss.
Inside the machine, it is frost-free, with adjustable temperature (4°C to +12 °C).
The microwave only wokes after the product deliveried successfully
Adopt MDB protocol, accord with DEX protocol, support various standard peripherals.
Explosion-proof, dust proof, waterproof luminous full metal keyboard.
With data query, count, check , fault self- diagnosis function.
With power-off protection function, memory function.
Intelligently detect box lunch position, delivery products accurately.
Drop sensor guaranteed delivery
The machine body uses stainless steel.
Digital temperature display inside the machine.
Leakage protection function.
Machine body material: All steel structure, strong and durable.
Optional GPRS remote control for checking sales data, stock, etc. 
Universal wheels. 
Alarm system. 
Each Master machine is capable of connecting 4 slave machines.  

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The Features of XY Microwave Vending Machine

  • With 21.5inch touch screen advertising screen

  • With three microwave oven device.

  • Cost-effective and low power consumption

  • Customizable IC card payment, Sound control payment, Alipay, UnionPay, Mobile payment, Credit card payment or other payment methods, support 232 computer serial control

  • Wider magnetic-electrical pick-up door with led light indication function

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