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XY-SLY-5C-001AF Fresh Food Vending Machine

  • merchandise vending machine
  • customized vending machine
  • merchandise vending machine
  • customized vending machine

As one of the reputable food vending machines companies, we provide fresh food vending machine, using belt tray and elevator to keep them good and safe, like eggs, meat, flavour, soup and others or some with glass packages. This vending machine with food is more functional in our daily life.

The Specifications of XY-SLY-5C-001AF Fresh Food Vending Machines

SizeControl Machine1935*1485*950MM
Slave Cabinet Size1935*1085*950MM
ColorWhite and black
Screen21.5" touch screen
Cabinet Door TypeDouble door
Mechanical Specification Machine Weight380KG+280KG
Ship Weight690KG
Number Of Layers6 Layers, depend on product height
CapacityAbout 300-1000pcs, depend on product size
Product Channel TypeConveyor belt (spiral, pusher are available)
Delivery MethodsWith elevator to delivery the product to right side 
Payment SystemWith coin, banknote and card reader slot
Standard InterfaceMDB 
Electronic SpecificationVoltage110-220V 50-60HZ
Cooler Temp Range4-12degrees, adjustable 
RefrigerationWith refrigeration system
FeatureFeatureInside the machine, it is frost-free, with adjustable temperature (4°C to +12 °C).
Adopt MDB protocol, accord with DEX protocol, support various standard peripherals.
Explosion-proof, dust proof, waterproof luminous full metal keyboard.
With data query, count, check , fault self- diagnosis function.
With power-off protection function, memory function.
Drop sensor guaranteed delivery
The machine body uses stainless steel.
Digital temperature display inside the machine.
Leakage protection function.
Machine body material: All steel structure, strong and durable.

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The Features of XY Food Vending Machine

  • High quality material and imported cooling compressor.

  • Various of payment system to support the currency in each country

  • With remote management and monitor system

  • Flexible slot for various kinds of products

  • XY intelligent refrigerator cooling system

  • Adjustable temperature from 0℃ to 12℃.

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