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Snack Drink Vending Machine

Snack and drink vending machines are an important additional circumstance plant for many places, including public facilities and personal enterprises. XY Vending uses the new technology that can keep both snacks and drinks at their optimum temperatures to provide customers the best user experience. The snack and drink vending machine can meet different needs, it can be placed in parks, gyms, museums, hospitals, etc. Where the snacks and drinks are needed, there you can place a snack and drink vending machine.

Types of Snack and Drink Vending Machines for Sale

XY-SLE-10C Red Wine Vending Machine
XY VENDING created a vending for Champagne/beer vending /various beverage drink/glass wine while certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot. It’s convenient and easy to enjoy the social relati...
XY White Snack Drink Vending Machine
Vending machine for drinks is available to sell all kinds of drinks such as soda water, cans, glass water, wine, beer etc, the normal color is black and white also customized sticker is supported. Whi...
XY Cooling Vending Machine
While snack drink vending machines have dominated the market for many years, fresh produce and organic food machines are becoming increasingly popular.
XY Self-service Snacks Vending Machine
XY combination snack and drink vending machine, a vending machine with drinks and snacks, a drink snack dispenser machine, by the direct vending supplier and provider.
XY Cold Drinks Vending Machine
Food and beverage vending machine, 24 hours intelligent self service retail and the huge capacity wider varieties of goods (300-800 pcs can be placed).
XY Elevator Food Vending Machine
The elevator vending machine, a snack soda shop vending machine, is more easier to pick up the goods , like the eggs, cup milks etc. Huge capacity up to 800 products (subject to their dimensions).
XY Lift Cashless Vending Machine
A 14 snack vending machine with credit card reader, large capacity of Vending Machine up to 800 products (subject to their dimensions, the universal slots, compatible with a wide range of products.
XY Combo Vending Machine
A countertop snack vending machine, affordable snack vending machine cost, it can be adjusted object to the goods, PC+phone remote control management automatic recognizing sub-cabinet with flexible slot.
XY Beverage Vending Machine
The machine is Compatible with different payment options, such as Wechat Pay, Alipay, notes, coins,credit card, face-recognition etc.
XY Automatic Vending Machine
The body materia are steel and the cloud system is always free. Automatic door with sensor to prevent products/hands from getting pinched.
XY Small Vending Machine
Mini cheap snack vending machine for home, all-steel thickened fuselage, sealing, dust-proof and water-proof, more energy-saving. Application: Bank, Supermarket, Airport, Train station, Hospital, School etc.
XY Touch Screen Vending Machine
Tabletop snack vending machine with affrodable snack vending machine price, 10.1, 21.5, 49 inch media touch screen show the product clear and good for advertising. The universal slots, compatible with a wide range of products.
XY Vending Machine Candy
Huge capacity of up to 600 products(subject to their dimensions). The large full-view window with tempered glass (anti-explosion, anti-vandalism and durable) for better shopping experience.

Snack and Drink Vending Machine Features

  • With advertisement display touch screen, opening an era of intelligent multimedia.                                  

  • Large capacity: 350-1050 PCs goods, with the cooling system.                          

  • Flexible & adjustable slots to sell all kinds of goods freely.  

  • More convenient ways to pay. 

FAQs for Vending Machine with Drinks and Snacks

  • What is the brand and life time of the compressor used in refrigerated vending machine?

    A :

     We using Embraco,imported from Brazil.

  • What's your shipping method? Can we ship it via UPS or by air?

    A :

    Usually we ship by sea as it's the most cost-effective way.

  • What is the life time of vending machine?

    A :

     Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.

  • What is the life time of cash payment system(coin changer & bill acceptor)?

    A :

    We adopt ITL bill acceptors by default. which are made in UK and with the service life up to 5 years by average. For coin

    changer, we using NRI made in USA. and card reader made in USA.

  • What's your gurantee term?

    A :

     We provide 12 month gurantee on our products. After service:Operation instruction +Frequently question solving+ One by one teaching

  • Can I get parts supply from you?

    A :

    Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from us, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly,you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 3 days after receiving your payment, but it will takes longer time if the spare parts you wanted are not in stock.

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