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Locker Vending Machine

XY locker vending machine systems are popping up around the world. We're specialized in manufacturing of locker vending machines including 18, 32, 36, 50, 90 lockers. The toys, milk, snack, flowers, baby care products etc. are available, and the color can be customized demand for your requirements.

Locker Vending Machine For Sale

XY Heated Locker Machine
XY lash vending machine is the most popular fashion machine vending retailer business, the lash, fake hair, lipsticks, cosmetics, beauty products can be come ture from here.
XY Wine Vending Machine
This is a dynamic combination of an automated dispense box vending machine coupled with automatic lockers.
XY Dry Flowers Vending Machine
XY dry flowers vending machine is very popular in our life as people are paying more and more attention to living quality. It's directly to choose the different flowers inbox/lockers.
XY Electronic Vending Machine
The heated vending machine with 18/32/36/50/90 boxes for your choice and sells all series of electronic products like 3C, earphones, charges, etc.
XY Adult Vending Machine
XY adult vending machine is 24hrs self-service, easy to use and operate, cost-effective and low power consumption, the lucky box for various kinds of adult products.
XY Toy Vending Machine
The combination runs off a single controller and user interface and can incorporate a variety of features such as cash and cashless payment system, discount coupon scanner, remote management, etc.
XY Baby Care Vending Machine
Nowadays, the vending machine service area is not only for adults and children, but also for sweet babies. It sells a series of baby care products, such as baby diapers, wet tissue, shoes, etc.

Locker Vending Machine Feature

  • 18, 32, 36, 50, 90 lockers for choice.                                                                                                                    

  •  With heated system to sell what you want to be hot.       

  • Modular design.                            

  • More convient ways to pay. 

Locker Vending Machine FAQs

  • What is the life time of XY locker vending machines?

    A :

    Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.

  • How to use XY locker vending machines?

    A :

    The locker vending machine needs to use with master vending machine, because the product choosen, payment are in master one.


  • What's your shipping method? Can we ship XY locker vending machines via UPS or by air?

    A :

    Usually we ship by sea as it's the most cost-effective way.

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