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Lash Vending Machine

XY Cosmetic Vending Machine with such a big following has launched the beauty items all around the world. People can choose what they need in the lash vending machine such as bling eye lashes, nail set, lipsticker, hairs etc. in any time. Do you have party tonight? let's go to choose your fittings. 

Lash Vending Machine For Sale

XY Lash Vending Machine
XY lash vending machine is the most popular fashionable machine vending retailer business, you can buy the lash, fake hair, lipsticks, cosmetics, beauty products here.
XY Eyelash Vending Machine
XY eyelash vending machine is in good quality and low price. According to the size of goods, 400-800 pcs goods can be placed and the bill, coin, credit card payment are supported.
XY Hair Vending Machine
XY hair vending machine is energy-saving with normal temperature. And the intelligent Saas system service optimizes all functions, so it is easy to use.

Lash Vending Machine Features

  • Normal temperature lash vending machine with low power consumption.        

  • Free intelligent Icould system service optimize all functions.                         

  • LCD screen or touch screen optional.

  • With huge capacity.

Lash Vending Machine FAQs

  • Is XY lash vending machine with touch screen or not?

    A :

    Yes. Our lash vending machine is equipped with 21.5 inches touch screen, or don't need is ok. Most customers choose the vending machine with screen.

  • How about the capacity of XY lash vending machine?

    A :

    Our lash vending machine is able to contain about 300-1000pcs, depending on the size of the lash vending machine you choose.

  • What's the gurantee term of your lash vending machines?

    A :

    We provide 12 months' gurantee on our lash vending machines. After service support: Operation instruction+ Frequently question solving+ One by one teaching.

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