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Healthy Food Vending Machine

If you already own a brick-and-mortar high street business selling fresh meals, this is a perfect way to expand the reach of your business without opening another store. Place these healthy vending machines in the workplace, business parks, apartment buildings, transit stations, malls… Anywhere there is high foot traffic or a high concentration of people with no local healthy vending options.

Healthy Vending Machines For Sale

XY-SLE-10C-I Fruit Vending Machine
How about the fruit vending machine? For such health food vending machine, belt tray slot is flexible and elevator to keep the good safe, apple, banana, grape, cheey also with cooling system to keep fresh.
XY-SLY-5C-001AF Fresh Food Vending Machine
Fresh food vending machine usually use belt tray and elevator belt tray and elevator to keep the good safe, like the eggs, meat, flavour, soup and others or some with glass packages.
XY-SLE-10C-I Salad Vending Machine
Found in many office and business environments, fresh food machines allow for easy access to foods that have not previously been available to customers.
XY-SLE-10C-I Vending Machine for Vegetables
XY Vegetable vending machine is a new type of unmanned vending equipment, which can store self-sold fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and other fresh commodities.

Healthy Food Vending Machine Feature

  • Intelligent vending machine with elevator.

  • Designed for fresh food retailing, suitable for soups, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, nuts, breads, desserts etc. 

  • Wider range of commodities,more practical slots

  • With GPRS remote controlling system.

Healthy Food Vending Machine FAQs

  • With coolig system or not?

    A :

     Yes. the temperature is from 0℃ to 22℃.

  • What can sell?

    A :

    Fruit, vegetable, bread, milk, meat, bread etc. 

  • What's your shipping method? Can we ship it via UPS or by air?

    A :

    Usually we ship by sea as it's the most cost-effective way.

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