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Elevator Vending Machine

XY Elevator Vending Machine with belt tray and elevator system can keep the goods safe. It's vailable to sell eggs, fruits, vegetables, hot food, soups, glass packaged goods and the elevator vending machine is located in office, hospital, supermarket, school, etc.

Elevator Vending Machine For Sale

XY-SLE-10C-I Egg Vending Machine
The Egg vending machine is safe and 24hrs self-service in community, such as living area, supermarket...the vending machine with elevator and cooling system to keep the safe and fresh.
XY Coconut Vending Machine
Do you need a coconut vending machine in summer, in beach.....Just to take XY model, the slot according to the coconut size. The payment way is availble for carder reader, bill reader, wechat etc.
XY Vegetable Vending Machine
XY Vegetable Vending Machine with excellent functionality, customized specific design, and low maintenance, that's an application in the supermarket, living room, restaurant, hospital, etc.
XY Belt Vending Machine
Elevator belt vending machine which sells various goods like glass packaged cans, eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, pizza, soup....which looks not safe without lift/elevator.
XY Advertising Vending Machine
Advertising vending machine with 10.1, 21.5, 32, 49inch touch screen for media, it’s more attractive and helpful for sellers also convenient, visual directly for customers.

Elevator Vending Machine Feature

  • Flexible slot for put various kinds of products.     

  • Wider magnetic-electrical pick-up door with led light indication function.                           

  • Elevator system to keep the goods safe.                           

  • Media touch screen can be choosed. 

Elevator Vending Machine FAQs

  • What is the life time of vending machine?

    A :

    Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.

  • What's product to sell in elevator vending machine?

    A :

    The elevator is safe to take the goods, the glass packaged, soups, eggs, fruits, milk etc.

  • Can I get parts supply from you?

    A :

    Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from us, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly,you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 3 days after receiving your payment, but it will takes longer time if the spare parts you wanted are not in stock.


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