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How to Maintain the Merchandise Vending Machine in Daily Life?

In order to better improve the service life of the vending machine, in addition to daily actual operations, everyone must also understand how to maintain the vending machine. Recently, Xingyuan Technology's vending machine has sorted out five professional skills for maintaining vending machines for everyone.

Ⅰ. The outside cleanup of the vending machine

Maintaining the external cleanup of different types of vending machines can appropriately increase sales and increase the service life of vending machines. When the outside of the equipment is covered with dust, wipe it with a dry towel. If it cannot be wiped off, neutralize it with warm water or diluent, and then clean the merchandise vending machine with an aqueous solution of diluent.

Even if the stains cannot be removed, organic solvents and alkaline liquids cannot be used to scrub the equipment. Otherwise, the control panel and selection buttons are likely to malfunction. Do not use chemicals such as paint, organic solvents, natural water, etc., as this will cause safety accidents.

Ⅱ. Clean up the delivery port of the vending machine

Because the purchase port is relatively low and it is very easy to be stained with dust, in order to better prevent dust from entering different types of vending machines and increase sales, it is necessary to keep the purchase port clean, and also leave the customer with the impression of cleaning. 

Ⅲ. Clean up the delivery slide of vending machine products

The safe passage of product delivery is kept clean and tidy in order to better make the product more smooth when it first debuts. At least monthly, use cotton cloth and cotton towels to scrub the dust and surface stains when the product is delivered.

Ⅳ. Clean up the automatic vending ticket or banknote barcode scanner

Coins and banknotes are very easily stained with dust. Coins stained with dust will contaminate the passage. If the stain is too serious, the coin selection, change, return and exchange characteristics of commodity vending machines will be abnormal. Therefore, in order to better maintain the excellent characteristics of the barcode scanner, the safe passage of the banknote or coin barcode scanner should be scrubbed at least once a month, and a dry towel or a slightly damp towel should be used for scrubbing.

Ⅴ. Clean up the cooler and air conditioner evaporator of the vending machine

The parts in the equipment should also be cleaned appropriately. For example, the cooler and air conditioner evaporator should be cleaned at least once a month. When cleaning the cooler, use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to gently clean the waste and stains on the heat pipe and radiator of the cooler back and forth. When removing the garbage inside the air conditioner evaporator, just take it off and wash it with tap water.

XY Vending reminds everyone again: Maintaining equipment cleaning can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also allow customers to subscribe, and at the same time increase consumption, with three birds with one stone!