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How to Design a Vending Machine to Attract People's Attention?

Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation, which can automatically pay for goods according to the input coins, without being restricted by time and location, and facilitate transactions. It is a brand-new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. How do vending machines attract consumers' attention and achieve sales? At this time, the design of vending machine supplies is very important. Through industrial design, the sales performance of vending machines can be significantly improved. In terms of appearance, the design of the vending machine should be simple, beautiful and easy to identify.

Ⅰ. The design of the vending machine should focus on the function and appearance

Many companies don't pay enough attention to the image of vending machine supplies. They only pay attention to the functional design of the equipment and ignore the appearance design of the equipment. The appearance is relatively rough, and the equipment feels too strong and not attractive enough. This reduces people's trust in the equipment to a certain extent, reduces the utilization rate of the equipment, and affects product sales. At the same time, the design should also take into account the factors of the product to be sold by the vending machine, and it should be based on the product sold. The industry attribute of the equipment defines the image style of the equipment to make it consistent with the product attributes, so that people can understand the products sold through the image of the equipment.

Ⅱ. The design of the vending machine experience 

In terms of use, the design of vending machine supplies should conform to ergonomics and conform to people's usage habits, and strive to provide consumers with a convenient and comfortable use experience. In the design of the man-machine interface of the automatic ticket vending machine, the operation interface and coin slot The height setting should meet the overall needs of the user population and facilitate the operation of the user. The height of the whole machine should also be consistent with the overall height of the user. The payment function design should be diversified. According to actual conditions, on the basis of coin payment, add WeChat, Payment methods such as Alipay and UnionPay are convenient for users to purchase. One shall take anti-theft measures to improve the safety and reliability of equipment.

With the rapid development of technology, automation is the future development trend. Whether in manufacturing, service or retail, we will see more equipment replacing labor. Under such a big trend, the prospects of the vending machine industry are bright. Enterprises should increase the added value of equipment in the design of vending machines, improve their market competitiveness, and gain a competitive advantage.

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