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How Do Hot Food Vending Machines Work?

1. Composition of hot food vending machine

To master how a hot food vending machine works, you first need to master the composition of the vending machine. Its key components are:

(1) Overall fuselage: It is the overall structure of the vending machine and is responsible for the appearance of the vending machine. Whether a vending machine is of good quality can be presented in the small details of the overall fuselage.

(2) Storage shelf + torsion spring: It is the medium for the placement of sales products. Beverages, snacks and other products sold in the market are placed on the storage shelves of vending machines for sale. Torsion springs: The key function is to facilitate the rails for product delivery. The torsion spring in the vending machine can be changed according to the size of the product. The torsion spring is too narrow, which is very easy to cause jamming, and too wide will cause the goods to drop.

(3) Electric motor: refers to an electromagnetic induction device that completes the transformation or transmission of electromagnetic energy according to the basic law of the magnetic effect of current. Its key function is to generate propulsive torque, which is used as a power device to propel household appliances or various mechanical equipment. Generally, it refers to machinery and equipment that converts electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy.

(4) Actual operation control panel: It is an actual operation service platform for customers to select goods and pay when they use hot food vending machines to trade products. It is composed of a large display screen, the actual operation of the touch switch and the credit card swipe, etc. The large display screen generally indicates the market price of the product, payment method, etc.

(5) Refrigeration compressor: It is a kind of power machinery that lifts low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas, and is the heart of the refrigeration unit. In vending machines with refrigeration, there must be no shortage of sources for the release of air conditioners. The refrigeration compressor will accumulate a lot of dust after long-term operation, which requires manpower to clean up on time, otherwise it will affect the actual effect of refrigeration.

(6) Main control chip: It is the soul of the vending machine. It is a key part of the work responsible for guiding and operating the various components of the vending machine.

(7) Vehicle wiring harness: It is the bridge connecting the various components in the vending machine. It is like the blood of the body. The route of the vending machine is smooth, and the equipment can run normally.

2. The working principle of hot food vending machine

Hot food vending machine is a machine that automatically sells beverages, food or other objects through coin-operated or IC card induction. Today's vending machines can realize fully automatic functions such as delivery, change, and induction. With the development of science and technology, the degree of automation will be higher and higher, and more and more products can be sold, so as to meet the needs of people's lives more. Placing various beverages in a plane is equivalent to establishing an x-y coordinate system, and each beverage corresponds to a unique coordinate value. After giving the money, the vending machine records the type of drink you entered in this x-y coordinate system. There is a robotic hand in the vending machine. According to the given value in this x-y coordinate system, it moves the corresponding distance and locates the coordinates of the drink you want. Pop a bottle of beverage to the robot hand, and the robot hand ejects the beverage. The problem of just popping up a bottle: there is something like a single chip in the vending machine, which can be controlled. In fact, the entire vending machine is controlled by a single chip, identifying the currency, identifying the type of beverage, determining the x-y coordinates and so on.