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Fresh Food Vending Machine Solution

With the improvement of living standards, the freshness and safety of food have gradually become the focus of society. The emergence of the Internet and vegetable basket new retail embodied as fresh food vending machine has provided people with a life balance between time, distance and quality, opening up integrated community services channel of new model development.  can help enterprises realize fresh food vending operation intelligence quickly using our professional technical team, and rich R&D experience. The technology frame of the fresh food vending machine solution shows one-stop service in the software platform, industrial control of the Internet to fresh foods, structural development and seamless connection of the global technology chain. Based on years of industry operation and maintenance precipitation, XY Vending provides an operation site selection plan based on the operators’ own conditions and provide operators with site selection data analysis, so that operators can avoid detours. Our fresh food vending machine solution takes In-depth cooperation with high-quality upstream suppliers of fresh food distribution which can recommend the most suitable suppliers for operators, easily solve supply chain problems, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win in the industry.

What is a fresh food vending machine?

Speaking of vending machines, the first thing everyone thinks of is the coin-operated unmanned vending machine that sells drinks on the bus stop playground, which brings convenience to our lives. With the further development of intelligent unmanned technology and mobile payment technology, now for fresh products, gravity recognition vending machines have been specially developed to sell fresh products and bring real convenience to consumers. Fresh food vending machine is a new type of unmanned vending equipment, which can store self-sold fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and other fresh commodities. Consumers can purchase products from the cabinet by scanning the code or swiping their membership card on their mobile phones, and the machine can automatically settle accounts when the door is closed. You can also place an order from the online store in advance, and pick up the product with the delivery code, which greatly facilitates residents' purchase of daily fresh products.

The benefits of a fresh food vending machine

Since the traditional farmer's market gives people the first impression of a dirty, messy and poor shopping environment, many consumers have gradually moved away from the farmer's market. Healthy food vending machine is very important to create a good shopping environment.

Fresh food vending machine solves the problem of office workers who have no time to start a business. People can operate the machine within the last 100 meters which is convenient and practical to consumers. And the whole shopping process is safer and fast: the community fresh food vending machines eliminate the need for community residents to go to the supermarket to line up to buy groceries. It only takes a few minutes to scan the code to buy groceries, which saves valuable time while being safe.

In this era of mobile payment, fresh food vending machines support Alipay, WeChat pay and other payment methods, which cater to the consumption habits of young people. At the same time, it also gives young consumers more payment options and conforms to the trend of the times.

Why fresh food vending is gaining fast-casual market share

There is little difficulty in placing the fresh food vending machine, the shopping distance is shortened, the placement position is flexible, and it breaks through the last 100 meters, achieving instant convenience by locking the just-needed consumption With the complete multi-port linkage of the chain, we can take joint operation and monitor several ports of the fresh food vending machine. Seamless connection of information and data such as production, shelving, distribution, operation and maintenance, and mutual checks and balances will be easily realized. Fresh food vending machine has advantages of clear authority, systematization of functions, interlocking function modules, independent operation of each role. Using gravity sensor intelligent temperature control, the structure of the fresh food vending machine is clear, the tray is equipped with gravity sensing technology, and the temperature in the cabinet can be remotely adjusted to ensure that the goods are fresh and safe.

Fresh vending machines are in line with the consumption habits of contemporary people and are the general trend and direction of the future. It is a blue ocean. Moreover, the fresh food vending machine is a programme with low investment, fast transparency and pipeline income. The threshold is low, without decoration, no need to apply for various licenses, standardization, easy and fast replication, no experience required, and no restrictions on personnel training and increased labour costs. It also has big data record analysis to gain efficient management and precision marketing.

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