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Drink Vending Machine Solution

Drink machine vending is a common equipment for commercial automation. It is not limited by time and place. It can save manpower and facilitate transactions. It is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour micro supermarket.

Working principle: there is a button under each piece of goods, and the goods we see are actually samples, and what we buy is not these samples, but in the warehouse in the vending machine. When we press the button, the warehouse door corresponding to the goods will open, and then we will get the goods we want. The vending machine is an electromechanical automatic device. On the premise of receiving the money input, the controller starts the mechanical device at the relevant position to complete the specified action and output the goods by touching the control button to input the signal.

① The user puts money into the slot, and the money recognizer identifies the money invested; ② The controller provides the saleable information of the goods to the user through the goods selection key indicator according to the amount, and the user can independently select the goods to be purchased; ③ Press the key corresponding to the commodity selected by the user, the controller receives the information transmitted by the key, drives the corresponding parts, and sells the commodity selected by the user to the pick-up port; ④ If there is enough balance, you can continue to buy. Within 15 seconds, the vending machine will automatically find the change or the user will turn the coin return knob to exit the change. ⑤ Withdraw small change from the coin return port to complete the transaction.

Beverage vending machine combines the traditional relay control system with computer technology. It has the characteristics of high reliability, flexibility and universality, easy programming and convenient use. Therefore, it has been widely used in industrial automatic control, mechatronics and the transformation of traditional industries in recent years.

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What drinks to put in a vending machine?

A drinking vending machine is a kind of machine that consumers can buy and sell cold and hot drinks by simply throwing coins. According to various occasions, a variety of soft drinks can be placed, such as milk tea, fruit juice, iced coffee, Guangdong herbal tea and so on.

Drinking vending machines can be placed on different occasions. We provide drink vending machines for home, small cold drink vending machines, cold drink machines for shop and so on.

Are drink vending machines profitable?

With the improvement of material living standards, labour costs have also increased greatly. Vending machines may be able to solve this problem.

Labour costs have increased fivefold in the past decade. As house prices rise, China's overall rents are also rising, which greatly reduces the profits of stores. Rent and cost pressures provide opportunities for the outbreak of vending machines.

Upgrade the technology of food and beverage vending machines and provide a good human-computer interaction experience.

At present, vending machines use mobile payment technology. Alipay and WeChat can pay quickly and quickly, and consumers can finish their consumption in a short time, which is very convenient. The intelligent management system provides operators with scientific and intelligent management tools, which can timely grasp the commodity situation of vending machines and analyze the consumption cycle.

Vending machine product diversification

Beverage vending machines can sell goods in large quantities. The profit of a single product is relatively low, but a large number of sales can make money to increase the overall profit. You can choose to place vending machines in places where there is no competition or a dense crowd. For example, in the crowded pedestrian street, the number of drinks that can be sold in a day is considerable.

In addition, great changes have taken place in vending machines, and the sales forms are more diversified. Today's machines sell more than snacks and drinks. Fresh food, fruits, skincare products and household products can be sold, providing convenience for consumers. More and more diversified sales categories make vending machines more profitable.

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