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Can You Put Vending Machines Anywhere?

Often, some people just blindly buy a new vending machine without choosing where to place the vending machine. Can you place the vending machine anywhere? of course not. In some places, it is not necessarily suitable for vending machines to be crowded. For example, in some communities, there is a lot of traffic but the sales are not necessarily good. The investment price of the store should be comprehensively compared from the population composition of the city where the store is located, the traffic volume of the road population, the management team, future planning, etc., and determine the specific resettlement location.

1. Considerations when choosing the best location

(1) Considering the composition of the population

Whether it is a new store or a second-hand store, the success factor is the spending power of local consumers. Therefore, when choosing a store, be sure to compare the buying behavior of local consumers. Economic common sense tells us that in cities with many local people, most consumers are white-collar workers with relatively high consumption levels. If people's consumption level is proportional to their income, then there will be more high-end commodity stores in this area, and local rents will be more expensive. Levels will also rise.

(2) Consider roads and traffic

The degree of road traffic largely determines the number of arrivals. Normally, the feature of convenient transportation is a condition that every commercial street or high-quality community should have. Therefore, whether it is a new store or a second-hand store, if there is no convenient transportation, then the growth space of this store is not large. However, if it is a store close to an express road, it is recommended not to choose it. Although such a store has the characteristics of convenient transportation, the flow of people cannot gather and it cannot bring popularity.

(3) Consider the operation team

For a store operated by one person, it is necessary to consider the location of replenishment. If there is a shortage of goods in the new vending machine, it can be replenished in time; if you have placed more than one set in a certain area, please consider the composition of the surrounding people, especially is composed of age. Generally between 18-40 years old, it is relatively good for consumers of this group.

(4) Consider future plans

A comprehensive comparison of the area's planning prospects should be made, with relatively less upside in areas with stable populations than in areas that are improving. Attention should be paid to changes in planning. As the current urban construction is in the ascendant, planning adjustments will often occur, because municipal construction will lead to changes in the original downtown area and suddenly change the original appearance. While this rarely happens, when it does change, the implications for investors must be careful.

2. The best business locations for vending machines

For investors, the first thing to consider when buying a new vending machine is whether it is profitable. In fact, whether it can make money or not is actually very related to the placement. Under normal circumstances, this kind of vending machine can be placed in schools, pedestrian streets, shopping malls and scenic spots. These places are where the young crowd is relatively concentrated. If the products you sell are snacks and beverages, it is better to put them in universities, factories, and hospitals. If adult products are located in commercial areas and residential areas, it is better. So where to put it mainly depends on what you are buying. Some factories can also be put in, after all, the location is generally more remote, and there are few commercial areas. And there are many people, as long as there are many people, there will be a market.